Housing Market in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona As of March 8, 2012!

It’s amazing when I look back at the numbers in blog posts such as this one where we had almost 50,000 active listings, and as low as 7,000 active listings in January 2005! I enjoy checking the numbers to see what the housing market is doing. Folks, we ARE DOWN!!! We are now at a time where finding that perfect home, and FOR SALEnegotiating, is SLOWING way down. For Sellers, if you price your home right, now is a good time to list your home for sale! 

Following are the numbers!  As of March 8, 2012, overall, the total (including apartment homes, mobile homes, condos, and single family dwelling) now is 15,665.

The lowest price, interestingly is $2,750, a beginning low bid at auction. The key number to watch is the overall $15,665 even though that is everything on the market as of this minute! I’ll break down a few of the areas on the east side including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Gold Canyon. Inventory is declining FAST!

The available ACTIVE properties in Phoenix – 2,557, PENDING – 3,210

The available ACTIVE properties in Mesa – 1,168, PENDING - 1,113!SOLD

The available ACTIVE properties in Gilbert – 439, PENDING – 661!

The available ACTIVE properties in Chandler – 520, PENDING – 661!

The available ACTIVE properties in Gold Canyon – 224, PENDING – 50!

Remember, these numbers include: short sales, auctions, foreclosures AND a normal seller sale.

The market is definitely on the upswing AND good pricing and selection is becoming scarce. If you would like more info on the market in your area, just give me a call at: 480.382-8711 for assistance!

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I keep hearing good things about how the market in your area is shifting.Hopefully you are snaring alot of that action.Keeping buyers and sellers informed, as you are doing, is no doubt much appreciated. Education is key to success these days.


Posted by Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude (eXp Realty of California, Inc.) over 8 years ago

Hi Teri,

It looks like you have an active market. Best of luck!

Posted by George Bennett, Inactive Principal Broker, GRI (Inactive) over 8 years ago

We saw the market go toa  low in listings we have not seen in over 7 years.  It is an interesting market.

Posted by Tim Lorenz, 949 874-2247 (TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team) over 8 years ago

Jeff, good to see you. I'm working at it for sure. ;-)

George, active? Yes! But not a lot left!

Tim, for sure it is.


Posted by Mesa, Arizona Real Estate Mesa Arizona Realtor, AzLadyInRed (Homes Arizona Real Estate LLC) over 8 years ago

I saw this stranger in my subscriber list, love the new picture. Hope everything is going great for you, we need to talk soon. (Certainly has been awhile)


Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 8 years ago

Hey Todd, how are you. Glad to see you and, yes, it's been awhile. Trying to keep on keepin on. I see you from time to time on FB which is where I go mostly. ;-)

Posted by Mesa, Arizona Real Estate Mesa Arizona Realtor, AzLadyInRed (Homes Arizona Real Estate LLC) over 8 years ago

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