Missy Caulk This One Is For You-We Is Better Than Me!

Thanks for sharing this Midori....I want to share this with everyone that reads my posts....let's spread the word.

A few days ago I posted about contacting the White House ...as I read through the comments...I noticed Missy's comment....you asked for it you got it....


With over 147,413 members on the Activerain network ...if I learned one thing by being in this network...we is always better than me....so I challenge as many people as possible to take a minute and write the White House....

June 5th, 2009 or reblog a post...but better yet...write your own thoughts..directly to the White House!

Please post on that particular day.....or write the White House...lets flood the White House's contact us page and the search engines. 

I was really thinking do these people in Washington really understand what people are going through..hell what we as real estate agents are going through...trying to help people who want help but with little cooperation. 

Bailout the People and not Establishments!

We tend to write many great articles here...reporting the facts in many cases...we tend to express our opinion but really what good is it doing?  We can all do more......


President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history.

While some may think this is not your fight in truth it is everyone...its impacting...you...me and many others.  With empty houses...property values....and more broken dreams, uncooperative lenders, ridiculous time lines and the excessive cost to taxpayers today, tomorrow and the future. 

Sometimes all it takes...is that one extra voice...

Contact the White House June 5th, 2009

Are you with me????

Will I ever sell a listing again without the words short sale?

I'll be in the office putting together yet another short sale listing

It's clear, people need help today!

About The Author: Midori Miller is a Real Estate Trainer and writes and trains Real Estate Training and assists sellers in short sale situations. Midori is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker , License # BK645709 and a member of the Daytona Area Association of REALTORS. Contact midorimiller@yahoo.com or (386)453-3236.

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Missy Caulk This One Is For You-We Is Better Than Me!
Thanks for sharing this Midori… I want to share this with everyone that reads my posts… let's spread the word. A few days ago I posted about contacting the White House.. as I read through the comments… I noticed Missy's comment… you… more
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