Simplifying My Life By Staying In The Moment!

I personally tend to "over think" or "obsess" or "feel overwhelmed" about all of the "stuff" I have to do or "need" to do.

A couple of evenings ago as my husband and I were playing Sequence with another couple - good friends - I noticed something that I hadn't really thought about before. It was an "ah-ha" moment for me.


The other woman was verbally fretting about what happened yesterday, worrying and concerned over myriad situations in the future which she was not looking forward to, etc., etc. I laughingly told her to "stay in the moment," to enjoy what we were doing now instead of obsessing about tomorrow, next week, next month. Seriously, out of my mouth came those words. Good thing we're good friends, huh? Her husband immediately responded to that in a positive way and reiterated those words to her.


Today I was thinking about just that. We can't change yesterday, and who knows about tomorrow, but I can think about today - in a positive way and make things happen - today! I can see how that would increase my productivity and help keep me from feeling overwhelmed about tomorrow. Tomorrow I will work on that day. I will take one bite at a time from the apple. Not try and cram the entire thing down my throat. (That's a bit dramatic, huh?)


Too many times we are so stressed about our lives that we don't "stay in the moment" and enjoy what is happening then. Like when I take a bath - I let myself enjoy that experience - bubbles and all. When I'm playing golf, I enjoy the trees, the blue sky and the beautiful weather and maybe a few good drives. When I'm visiting with my daughter, I'm enjoying her as she shares with me her life. When my husband and I are hanging out, I enjoy and treasure him. When I'm working on Real Estate, I enjoy that, but it's definitely not my first or my only priority. We each need to enjoy those moments - it will help bring tranquility and peace into our lives.


I know it isn't easy - at least it's difficult for me. I'm just taking a DEEP breath and enjoying where I am right now. We will simply our lives and we will feel much more at peace - by staying in the moment.


Now, I pose a question to all of you who read this post. Do you think that women are more likely to obsess than men?


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Simplifying My Life By Staying In The Moment!
I personally tend to "over think" or "obsess" or "feel overwhelmed" about all of the "stuff" I have to do or "need" to do. A couple of evenings ago as my husband and I were playing… more
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