3 Tips for Better Holiday Pictures...

I love how Michael takes photographs and then provides a step by step tutorial on how to capture such "wonderful shots. Enjoy! ;-)

Merry Christmas

3 Tips for better Holiday pictures...

Tis the season to take Holiday pictures and share them with your ActiveRain friends and family. Here are a few tips that I have learned over my 30 years behind the lens to have you shooting like the pro you knew you were. 

#1 - Use manual settings on your D-SLR. I prefer to use Aperture Priority settings. Set the aperture to the maximum f-stop (smallest number) you have. Depending upon the lens this will generally be f 5.4 or f 4.5. This will open the iris to allow maximum light into the camera sensor. Using Program or Auto setting will use a combination of shutter and aperture settings to get the results. Too small an aperture along with too much shutter time will make your shots grainy or allow in too much light which will ruin the shot.

#2 - Use manual focus.
Many D-SLR's have problems focusing on dim lights. Don't leave your pictures to chance. Manually focus your shots for best results.

#3 - Use a good tripod. Good tripods have come down in price over the years. No matter how steady a hand you have, you cannot hold a camera still for over 1/8th of a second. After that, your shots will be blurred.

By using these 3 tips and a little practice, you too will be shooting like a pro in no time. Good luck...

Downtown Franklin, TN.

Christmas tree on the square in downtown Franklin, TN

Looking down Main Street, downtown Franklin, TN

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